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Final Conference AlpLinkBioEco

Date: 31. March 2021

Summary: The Conference will present the main results of AlpLinkBioEco: the Value Chain Generator tool, significative pilot experiences developed by project partners and a Masterplan for a joint Bioeconomy Strategy in the #alpinespace. 

Date: 31. March 2021

The Conference will present the main results of AlpLinkBioEco: the Value Chain Generator tool, significative pilot experiences developed by project partners and a Masterplan for a joint Bioeconomy Strategy in the #alpinespace.

Our cluster member Econ Industries invites you to an online event on February 4th. Learn more about their VacuDry® technology and why it is a key to circular economy.

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Facing volatile times with the Lean Method – managing challenges agilely

Date: 12. May 2020

Summary: In cooperation with our new member Drees & Sommer, we are happy to invite you to our lunch webinar on May 12, 2020 at 12 noon.

Date: 12. May 2020


We are currently striving to continue to successfully fulfill our network task. In this context, we are happy to present you a relevant topic in a digital format.

In cooperation with our new member Drees & Sommer, we are happy to invite you to our lunch webinar on May 12, 2020 at 12 noon.

The experts of Drees & Sommer will deal with the topic “Facing volatile times with the Lean Method – managing challenges agilely”.

The planning and consulting company specializing in the construction industry will introduce their methodical approach to process planning technology as an answer to the current challenges in our industry.

In addition to the basic approach, supported by tried and tested methods and virtual collaboration tools, facts from current business operations are referenced.

Target group:
Everyone whose projects and activities are currently or foreseeably subject to major changes and for everyone who needs a lean and targeted schedule for the next phase.


ALPLINKBIOECO: How to enhance innovative value chains in circular bioeconomy
31st March 2021 - The European Interreg Project AlpLinkBioEco ended today with an online conference. The Project started three years ago as part of the EUSALP Alpine Macroregional Strategy with the purpose of developing...
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Biobased Innovation
Biobased innovation is born within "AlpLinkBioEco"-project (EU-INTERREG). We come up with innovative ideas, share them with companies, and match interested actors - we will support your way to the realization with our strong project...
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Hot seat: Daniel Wauben
Herr Wauben, seit mittlerweile 12 Jahren sind Sie für ChemCologne e.V. aktiv. Dieser Verein widmet sich der Vernetzung von Akteuren aus der chemischen Industrie, mit Fokus auf Nordrhein-Westfalen. Grundsätzlich verfolgen Sie also ähnliche Ziele...
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Alpine Policy Forum
On the 16th of February, a joint Alpine Policy Forum was held online. The event was organised in the frame of the two EU-funded projects that share common goals on the way to the...
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Hot seat: Thomas Homburg
Mr. Homburg, since 2020 you have been part of the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centres (ISC3) which was, amongst others, founded by the DECHEMA. Can you tell us what the ISC3 is doing and...
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Hot seat: Maja Grünzner
Ms. Grünzner, in April 2020 you started a position as a doctoral student as part of a scholarship for the EU-wide Marie Skłodowska Curie-Projekt LimnoPlast. What does it mean for you to be part...
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Hot seat: Dr. Ing. Wienke Reynolds
Ms. Reynolds, LignoPure was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the Technical University Hamburg. How did the idea for the foundation of the company arise and what exactly is your start-up doing? When...
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Hot seat: Kristians Grundstoks
PolyLabs is manufacturing bio polyol - a polyol synthesized from renewable materials, such as rapeseed or tall oils. What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors? Renewable resources have become a...
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Hot seat: Christian Römlein
Mr. Römlein, please introduce the intelligent fluids GmbH, our new cluster member and your innovative technology to the readership. Intelligent fluids is a young deep tech company developing and producing sustainable, water-based high-performance fluids...
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Hot seat: Andreas Fischer
Mr Fischer, you are the decisive brain behind the development of the "Value Chain Generator" in the Interreg project AlpLinkBioEco *. Can this software build real value chains, as the name suggests? Yes indeed, provided...
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Hot seat: Dr. Tobias Gärtner
Mr. Gärtner, as one of your company pillars you offer electrosynthesis as an alternative to classic synthesis routes. What are the advantages of your method? We offer electrosynthesis for the production of organic fine...
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Hot seat: Patrick Ramberg Singler
Mr Singler, Munio Access is a software solution dealing with the access management of industrial parks and factories. Can you give us an example where Munio Access is already in use? 60 percent of...
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Biolinks in the Alpine Space
The project partners have collected about 2000 actors in the Alpine space and identified more than 225 potential biolinks. These biolinks are business opportunities based on ideas for new biobased value creation. In order...
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Hot seat: Prof. Dr. Rubén Darío Costa Riquelme
Mr Riquelme, about 25 years ago the first light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) were discovered. You have recently published a special issue about these cells in the journal “Advanced Functional Materials” together with Prof. Pei...
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Biobased Value Chains in the Alpine Region
5th AlpLinkBioEco Project Meeting The 5th project meeting of the Interreg project AlpLinkBioEco took place on May 11 and 12, 2020. Due to the current situation, 35 participants of the 14 project partners met...
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POWER4BIO Cross-Visit in Bavaria
Munich and Straubing, 21st and 22nd of January 2020 The EU-funded project POWER4BIO supports regions in their transition to bioeconomy by, among other things, facilitating networking and learning from each other for regional stakeholders....
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First POWER4BIO Cross-Visit in Hungary
The project partners of the Horizon 2020 project POWER4BIO met for their first Cross-Visit in Hungary from the 25th to 26th of September. More than 50 experts, such as Hungarian stakeholders and representatives of the 10...
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Intelligent container tracking with Packwise Smart Cap
Packwise GmbH, a B2B startup from Dresden, specialises in industry solutions for smart container tracking and management of liquid goods, which is particularly interesting for companies in the chemical and food sector. After successfully...
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