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Our Chemistry Business & Innovation Platform is responsible for the implementation of projects and collaborations. Using technology scouting, we identify potential new technologies and products and act as neutral intermediary and catalyst between cooperation partners. We further support our members in developing new business or product ideas.

Statistics from 2021

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It has been an enrichment to work with Chemie-Cluster over the last years. Thanks to them, we have come together with these motivated founders and their inspiring and sustainable technology and now we can look forward to an exciting and promising cooperation.
Paloma Moya del Valle
Global Head of Cosmetics, Marketing & Technical Service
Eckart GmbH
As a startup and small company, it is crucial to have access to partners who can help you accelerate your development or validate your business idea. In our case, the cluster is particularly relevant due to its focus on chemistry, biotechnology and bioeconomy. ECKART, which was introduced to us by Chemie Cluster Bayern, was not only relevant to our commercial development, but we also gained a partner who believed in us from the beginning and has walked the path of business and product development with us over the past years. We are very grateful for this opportunity and would like to encourage other startups to expand their networks through platforms like CCB.
Joana Gil
Gründerin & CEO
Lignopure GmbH
GEALAN appreciates the professional and personal support provided by Chemie-Cluster Bayern. At the start of the project, the network's cross-industry perspective was the basis for unconventional approaches to solutions. We quickly made contact with the right companies, research institutes and universities. Auch bei kleineren Fragestellungen vermittelt das Netzwerk zielgerichtet und kompetent.
Dr. Michel Sieffert
Division Manager Research & Development
GEALAN Fenster-Systeme GmbH
"For us as a medium-sized company, the cooperation with Chemie-Cluster Bayern offers a good platform, for innovative exchange across industry boundaries. They put us in contact with potential partners quickly and easily and are always committed to looking for new points of connection, e.g.on the topic of bioeconomy. Especially when it comes to the topics of sustainability and circular economies, the Chemie-Cluster is a great asset in finding the right regional contacts and points of contact for joint approaches to solutions. This will certainly make its contribution even more important in the future. "
Dr. Vroni Walter
Head of Research and Development
Epple Druckfarben AG
As a start up, it is important to have competent supporters in the form of networks, clusters and initiatives. In this regard, we very much appreciate the direct contact with Chemie Cluster Bayern with its employees and members. In the past, we could always count on a quick response to questions, which is why we will continue to rely on Chemie Cluster Bayern in the future. Especially on the topic of networking and funding applications, Chemie Cluster has been a very loyal partner to us, from useful tips to concrete support with e.g. funding applications to political events.
Dr. Tobias Gärtner
ESy Labs GmbH