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In cooperation with the University of Bayreuth and the TUM Campus Straubing, our contact offices ‘ConTact’ offer members support in the conception of grant applications. Apart from project development and management during the application process, we also offer assistance in project management and controlling throughout the project period. In case you are still looking for suitable project partners, please feel free to contact on of our offices.

ConTact Office Bayreuth: Dr. Kerstin Schindler schindler@chemiecluster-bayern.de
ConTact Office Straubing: Dr. Matthias Scholz scholz@chemiecluster-bayern.de

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Of course, every application for a collaborative project at national and international level represents a great deal of effort, but it is rewarded in the end. The professional support provided by Chemie Cluster Bayern, whose staff supported me competently and with enormous commitment at all times from the idea to the application, even during the "normal" working hours of a scientist in the evenings and on weekends, was an enormous help with every application. Above all, the energetic support and advice regarding the administrative tasks enabled me to concentrate fully on working out the scientific aspect of the proposal. I have therefore also decided to place the project management of an EU ITN in the hands of Chemie Cluster Bayern. Here, too, all tasks are not only carried out reliably and competently, but a great deal of "heart and soul" and creativity also flows into the collaborative project. Therefore, I can only recommend the competent team of Chemie Cluster Bayern to anyone planning a large collaborative project.
Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch
Chair of Animal Ecology
University of Bayreuth
Chemie Cluster Bayern is very valuable for us, as it offers a variety of networking opportunities with companies and research groups from very different fields. At the same time, we are regularly informed about new projects, inquiries, tenders and funding opportunities. Always very valuable and essential for network building are the events organized by Chemie C luster on special focal points, e.g. on environmental issues. The support in the preparation of project applications is also particularly helpful.
Prof. Dr. Gerald Ziegenbalg
IBZ Salzchemie GmbH &Co.KG