Scan the Horizon for Drivers of Change

Last updated on: 16 Apr, 2024

Online workshop to strengthen the resilience of SMEs through strategic foresight

The IDEALIST project, supported by Horizon Europe, has launched an innovative online workshop aimed at strengthening small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the energy-intensive industries, aerospace, mobility, transport and automotive sectors.

This workshop, which will take place over three dates in May, will provide one-day training in horizon scanning methodologies designed to help SMEs better respond to global disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical conflicts and other disruptive influences.

Participants of the workshop will be enabled to proactively identify and assess future trends and challenges in order to increase their competitiveness and secure their future viability. The workshop will include activities such as mapping disruptions and drivers, horizon scanning and analysing trends to enable companies to turn uncertainty into strategic advantage.

The workshop is part of a wider initiative that includes regular and structured horizon scanning activities from June to November 2024 and requires active participation and engagement from SMEs. The aim is to develop an in-depth understanding of the operational environment and external drivers that influence day-to-day activities and risk management practices within industrial clusters.

Interested SMEs and cluster organisations can register for the workshop via the official project website or contact the project partners directly for more information and to get involved. This is a unique opportunity to not only react to challenges, but to actively shape the future.

Online workshop on strategic foresight: One-day online training in the methods of horizon scanning

  • 17 May
  • 24 May
  • 14 June

Aims of the workshop: Enable SMEs to proactively identify and respond to global disruptions and trends to increase their competitiveness and future viability.

Activities and methods: Including disruption and driver mapping, horizon scanning and trend analysis to be translated into strategic advantage.

Certificate of attendance: After successful participation you will receive a certificate confirming the methods learnt.

Language of instruction: The training is held in English and is supervised by our 4CF project partners:

Continuing Horizon Scanning activities: Planned from June to November 2024, require active participation and engagement of interested SMEs to develop in-depth understanding of operational dynamics and external influencing factors.

Participation and registration: SMEs and cluster organisations can register directly by e-mail if they have questions or are interested:


Further information can be found in the flyer.

Please note that the duration of the workshop has been reduced to one day!

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