We network

Members of Chemie-Cluster Bayern benefit from the access to our cross-sectoral, regional and international network. Thanks to our manifold contacts we can respond to your specific demands regarding development and cooperation and find suitable solutions together. Our thematic forums offer the ideal opportunity to interconnect with other members, to exchange knowledge or to discuss the latest topics.

Start-up day 2019
Under the slogan “Innovation through cooperation” we regularly invite to our start – up days. This series of events aims at interconnecting start-ups with well established businesses. We provide insight into potentials, forms...
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Matchmaking in Warsaw
On the 9th of October 2019, Chemie-Cluster Bayern participated in the Brokerage Event “Horizon 2020 for the Circular Economy & Transforming Industry (#CETI_H2020)” in Warsaw. On behalf of our cluster members, we were...
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Thematic forum: “Digital Transformation”
Digitalisation is the trigger for new activities and business models in all industries, including the chemical industry. We decided to address the topic in form of a thematic forum which took place at...
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We realise

Our Chemistry Business & Innovation Platform is responsible for the implementation of projects and collaborations. Using technology scouting, we identify potential new technologies and products and act as neutral intermediary and catalyst between cooperation partners. We further support our members in developing new business or product ideas.

Improved recyclability for plastics packaging
The current public discussion about plastic waste requires fast rethinking within the industry. In order to establish a sustainable and circular plastics economy in the near future, all actors along the value chain...
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Identification of new areas of application
Another cooperation was initiated between a worldwide leader in thin film technology who is constantly looking for innovative solutions for functional surfaces that are used in a very wide range of products and...
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Strategical initiation of collaboration in France
Thanks to our international network the Chemie - Cluster Bayern was able to support a manufacturer of dispersing agents in search of a contract manufacturer for their strategic business expansion. Through a partner...
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We support

 In cooperation with the University of Bayreuth and the TUM Campus Straubing, our contact offices ‘ConTact’ offer members support in the conception of grant applications. Apart from project development and management during the application process, we also offer assistance in project management and controlling throughout the project period. In case you are still looking for suitable project partners, please feel free to contact on of our offices.

Project management: Dr. Elisabeth Rieger rieger@chemiecluster-bayern.de

Contact Office Bayreuth: Dr. Christoph Habel habel@chemiecluster-bayern.de

Contact Office Straubing: Dr. Matthias Scholz scholz@chemiecluster-bayern.de

Liquid marbles
In the course of an international research cooperation, Prof. Dr. Nicolas Vogel from the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg and his Japanese colleague Prof. Suji Fuji from the Osaka Institute of Technology have been jointly...
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Enzyme based drying agents
The company IRSA Lackfabrik relies on innovative products made from renewable materials. In cooperation with the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna, IRSA developed a bio-based water-soluble paint system...
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Horizon 2020 (ITN - Innovative Training Networks)
LimnoPlast, a Horizon 2020 funded EU-project that started in November 2019, approaches the topic of microplastics in freshwater ecosystems from a holistic perspective and therefore brings together the three very different disciplines environmental,...
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