Intelligent container tracking with Packwise Smart Cap

Last updated on: 24 Jul, 2019
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Packwise GmbH, a B2B startup from Dresden, specialises in industry solutions for smart container tracking and management of liquid goods, which is particularly interesting for companies in the chemical and food sector. After successfully completing the second round of financing, their last year’s Plug & Play Internet of Things (IoT) prototype Packwise Smart Cap will be launched on the market in series production at the beginning of 2020. This globally unique technology enables close surveillance of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). Packwise Smart Caps show real-time, high-precision sensor data on location, filling level, temperature and motion and informs about any deviations of parameters and provides recommendations for action. This innovative technology helps to create maximum time and cost efficiency as well as a sustainable us of resources.

(in the picture from left to right: Packwise GmbH René Bernhardt, CTO / Gesche Weger, CEO / Felix Weger, Product Manager)

(c) Ronald Bonss Fotografie