Throughout our network we connect companies, start-ups and research institutions of the Bavarian chemistry industry. We realise the development of your company as well as the transfer of scientific results into industrial applications. We support you with funding applications and the management of your project.

Our Members

Within our network we bring together more than 100 companies, start-ups and research institutions of all areas of chemistry and beyond.

Our Services

We network

Proactive management of national and international contacts

Mediation of cooperation and project partners

Organisation of events e.g. thematic forums, workshops, start-up day

We realise

Business and market development

Technology scouting and innovation consulting

Transfer of scientific results into industrial applications

We support

Conception of funding applications

Project development and assistance

Project management and controlling

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News & Events

Hot seat: Kristians Grundstoks
PolyLabs is manufacturing bio polyol - a polyol synthesized from renewable materials, such as rapeseed or tall oils. What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors? Renewable resources have become a...
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Hot seat: Andreas Fischer
Mr Fischer, you are the decisive brain behind the development of the "Value Chain Generator" in the Interreg project AlpLinkBioEco *. Can this software build real value chains, as the name suggests? Yes indeed, provided...
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Biolinks in the Alpine Space
The project partners have collected about 2000 actors in the Alpine space and identified more than 225 potential biolinks. These biolinks are business opportunities based on ideas for new biobased value creation. In order...
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