Hot Seat: Fabio Bosio

Datum: 28 Jul, 2022

Dear Fabio, great to have you on our HotSeat this week. Please take our readers behind the scenes at Genio srl. Tell us the story about the origin and history of Genio srl!

Genio srl is an energy optimization environmental resources company founded in August 2014 thanks to the partnership between HTE srl (a Technology Transfer Center), Alboconsulting Holding srl and Delta Service srl. Genio operates with its own patents, which are the result of constant scientific research.

What are your main areas of activity and what are your core areas of expertise? Could you describe a  bit more in detail the SMIT technology?

Genio srl, thanks to its own patented „SMIT“ (Spontaneous Membrane Ionic Transfer) technology, takes care of the recovery and enhancement of marine, industrial and mining brines, and of the optimization and exploitation of sustainable energy resources, according to the principles of the “circular economy”.

In particular here is some information about our „SMIT“ Technology.


The SMIT technology (patent of Genio srl) is “ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE” and allows to recover and fully exploit the brines deriving from desalination, industrial and mining plants. The system works in a closed cycle with a “Reverse Osmosis” system and transforms the polluting brines into useful chemical products, such as: NaClO, NaOH, HCl, NaHCO3 (with CO2 capture), to be chosen according to needs or economic convenience.


The brines produced by the “Reverse Osmosis” plant are first treated in a special bivalent ion abatement system with the production of Mg(OH)2, MgSO4, CaSO4, CaCO3 (and / or other substances in relation to the precise content of the original brine). Subsequently, the brine, in principle containing only NaCl, is conveyed to the actual “Smit” plant which, through specific electrochemical processes, subtracts about 50% of the salinity, transforming it into NaOH and HCl. All the other possible compounds can then be produced from these two initial compounds, upon specific procedures.

The remaining depleted brine, with salinity similar to the one treated by the Reverse Osmosis Plant, is returned to the Reverse Osmosis Plant which compresses it again together with the other brines, in a closed cycle.


The system disposes of the polluting brines and works in a closed cycle with “ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE”, without any impact on the ecosystem. Furthermore, the recovery of precious chemical products from the polluting brine makes the “Smit” technology highly productive of economic value and perfectly respectful of the principles of the “Circular Economy”.

What are next steps you are already planning at Genio?

“Genio srl”, in synergy with its industrial partner “Simic spa”, aims to create plants for the treatment and economic enhancement of brines (with zero liquid discharge) coming from mining, industrial and desalination plants, at international level, according to the B.O.O. (Build Own Operate) scheme.

As member of the Chemical Cluster Bavaria. What do you expect from the network and what do you wish for?

Genio srl is interested in finding customers who need to dispose of industrial, mining, marine brines in a completely eco-friendly way and who wish to use or resell precious chemical products, obtained from the transformation of brines. In principle, the commercial scheme of Genio srl (thanks to the collaboration with its commercial partner, Simic spa) is the B.O.O. (Build Own Operate). It means that Genio’s team provides the polluting brine disposal service and the supply of precious chemical products, without the customer having to invest for the construction of the plant. The customer will only have to pay for the provision of the service.

Fabio Bosio – CEO of Genio srl

“Together with all the partners and collaborators of Genio srl, I share the strong belief that science and research are the key to combining economic development and respect for the environment. Our daily work, as well as long-term projects, always follow this guiding principle”.

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