Georg-Simon-Ohm-Hochschule Nürnberg, Kompetenzzentrum Analytik, Nano-und Materialtechnik KAM

Materials Development From One Source


From development of new materials and systems to analytics, characterization and testing of raw materials, manufactured articles and devices, the competence center offers all areas of expertise and a extensive experience in materials and chemstry research.

The Competence Center for Anayltics, Nano- and Materials Technology offers all the necessary knowhow for materials research from one source:

  • chemistry
  • physics
  • materials science
  • process technology
  • electronics
  • biotechnology
  • engineering and production technology

Topics are amongst others

  • development of new materials (metals, ceramics, polymers)
  • composites and modification of surfaces
  • biogenic materials and analytics of agents
  • new processes for the manufacturing of new materials and devices
  • analytics, characterization and testing of materials


Keßlerplatz 12
90489 Nürnberg


  • Building
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Electrical Engineering and Electronics
  • Plastics Processing Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical
  • Nanotechnology
  • New Materials
  • Public Service

Cooperation requested

  • Transfer of Experience
  • Product Development
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Project work methodically or subject-specific
  • Other Cooperations

Cooperation offered

  • Analytics
  • Advice/support (new) technologies
  • Transfer of Experience
  • Project work methodically or subject-specific
  • Knowledge Transfer
Keßlerplatz 12
90489 Nürnberg