Hot Seat: Dr. Michael Steiner

Datum: 21 Okt, 2021

Dr. Steiner, your company nanoSaar has developed i.a. a technology for nanoparticle synthesis, which is based on a special MicroJetReactor (MJR©). What makes your technology so unique?

nanoSaar is a leading provider of tailored nanotechnology solutions. Our patented MicroJet-Reactor Technology (MJR®) enables chemical and physical syntheses for the continuous flow production of nano- and microparticles, emulsions and encapsulations. MJR®-based products are precisely defined in size and superior in quality. It’s both simple and ingenious.

The continuous and cost-effective production process of the MJR® technology also enables practically unlimited industrial scale-up. Depending on the number of MJR® heads used, the production output is a multiple of 600 liters per hour.

Which products have you developed and why are these products more innovative than previous solutions?

Together with our partners from a wide range of industries we develop innovative products and additives. Here are some product examples:

  • Barisol: Pigment stabilizing additive for paints and coatings
  • Concrete accelerator: Concrete additive for higher compression strengths
  • Metallic paint for decorative and conductive coatings: Nano-scale metal particle dispersion
  • Nano-scale wax dispersion: Additives for a variety of protective and decorative coating applications
  • Non-conductive coating additive: Electrically isolated pigments for coatings
  • Fungicidal seed protection: Seed treatment dispersion

The advantages of our MJR® technology at a glance:

  • highly homogeneous and superior product quality
  • continuous and low-cost production process
  • a quick and easy scale-up for industrial-sized chemical production
  • business opportunities with a range of licensing or joint venture models

In which industries and areas do you see fields of application for your technology?

Our nanotechnology solutions give a competitive edge to a wide range of partners from the chemical industry:

  • Paints and coating companies
  • Construction chemicals companies
  • Any specialty chemical company

Thanks to our in-house laboratory, production facilities and highly experienced team of experts, we can offer completely integrated solutions including everything from development services to the on-site setup of MJR® production facilities at our partners’ locations.

Dr. Michael Steiner is CEO nanoSaar AG and has over 35 years of international experience in executive positions in the chemical, consumer and pharma industries.

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