Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg/LS für Feststoff und Grenzflächenverfahrenstechnik

Self assembled materials and structures


In the self-assembled materials and structures group headed by Prof.Nicolas Vogel, we use colloidal particles as building blocks to create functional materials by simple self-assembly processes. Colloidal particles can be conveniently synthesized with high precision and great uniformity. The high uniformity enables them to assemble into ordered arrangements. The small size leads to the formation of structures at the nanoscale without relying on sophisticated instrumentation. We investigate the emergence of functional properties from such structures, for example to control the wetting of a surface or to create vivid structural coloration.


Haberstraße 9a
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  • Nanotechnology

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Haberstraße 9a
91058 Erlangen