Sustainable utilization of residual materials

Last updated on: 15 Dec, 2021

How can residual materials from production be used and recycled sensibly? This question is becoming increasingly important in times of raw material scarcity and resource efficiency. In terms of a sustainable and circular economy, residual materials must also be given a new role in the future.

Together with the New Materials Cluster (Cross-Cluster Project 2021), we were able to find a new sustainable processing method for the wood residues that arise during veneer production at Fritz Kohl Concepts. In the past, the wood residues were burned to generate energy and the ash was landfilled at a cost. A new and innovative solution was needed to avoid landfilling and save costs.  We then initiated and moderated three networking meetings between Fritz Kohl Concepts with two start-ups and one SME and discussed possible further uses of the wood residues or the ash produced. Most interesting was the possibility of converting the wood residues into vegetable charcoal in a pyrolysis plant.  This method not only allows the use of the resulting waste heat in production, but also the plant charcoal can subsequently be used as a soil improver or animal feed additive. In a follow-up meeting on site, the local production plant has already been visited.