Improved recyclability for plastics packaging

Last updated on: 23 Apr, 2020

The current public discussion about plastic waste requires fast rethinking within the industry. In order to establish a sustainable and circular plastics economy in the near future, all actors along the value chain need to collaborate more closely. Therefore, we brought together a manufacturer of additives and pigments with a plastics recycling company.

The production of plastics packaging usually involves additives and pigments in order to get the desired functional and optical properties. Besides printing inks and organic contaminants, these substances represent the greatest challenge in recycling when it comes to the production of a high-quality recyclate that can be reused in packaging production. On these grounds, the cooperation initiated by Chemie-Cluster Bayern intends to develop new additives and pigments which improve the recyclability of plastics and improve the quality of recyclates.

The combination of the broad knowledge of a well-established chemical company and a new solvent-based recycling technology by a plastic producing start-up enables the introduction of a new sustainable technology.