Announced distribution partnership between Lignopure & ECKART – created through the networking efforts of the Chemie-Cluster.

Last updated on: 27 Jul, 2023

Copyright: Eckart GmbH & Lignopure GmbH

As part of our cluster work, it is important to us to bring startups and established companies together and to initiate cooperations. We have also achieved this in the successful collaboration between Lignopure and ECKART, who announced their joint distribution partnership in May 2023. This partnership positively influences the distribution and development of cosmetic formulations with multifunctional upcycled ingredients of the start-up Lignopure.

The successful journey of the joint cooperation started already in 2021. During one of our regular member meetings, we learned from ECKART about your interest in sustainable ingredients and bio-based substances. After extensive research, ECKART was presented with a list of potential start-ups and companies and Lignopure was identified as an interesting partner. Already in April 2021, a first meeting to get to know each other took place, initiated and moderated by Chemie-Cluster. The talks were promising and subsequently the first sample exchange took place and the joint cooperation started.

We wish continued success for the joint collaboration!

“As a startup and small company, it is crucial to have access to partners who can help you accelerate your development or validate your business idea. In our case, the cluster is particularly relevant due to its focus on chemistry, biotechnology and bioeconomy. ECKART, which was introduced to us by Chemie Cluster Bayern, was not only relevant to our commercial development, but we also gained a partner who believed in us from the beginning and has walked the path of business and product development with us over the past years. We are very grateful for this opportunity and would like to encourage other startups to expand their networks through platforms like CCB”

Joana Gil – Founder & CEO of Lignopure

“It has been an enrichment to work with Chemie-Cluster over the last years. Thanks to them, we have come together with these motivated founders and their inspiring and sustainable technology and now we can look forward to an exciting and promising cooperation.”

Paloma Moya del Valle – Global Head of Cosmetics, Marketing & Technical Services of Eckart GmbH

Lignopure GmbH:

The start-up Lignopure GmbH converts raw lignin into functional, bio-based alternatives and intermediates for the cosmetics industry as well as new materials. In 2022, Lignopure established its first production facility in Hamburg to manufacture high-quality lignin-based products and materials for a variety of industrial applications.


ECKART GmbH, a company of Altana AG, is a manufacturer of effect pigments. Products from ECKART are used in the coatings and printing industries, the plastics and aerated concrete industries, as well as in cosmetics and additive manufacturing.

Pressrelease: New distribution partnership: Lignopure & ECKART