TeBiCE | Territorial Biorefineries for Circular Economy 

Last updated on: 21 Aug, 2023

Biomass not as waste, but as a valuable raw material. With this strategy, the TeBiCE project aims to show that the implementation of bioeconomy brings both economic and social benefits in addition to greater sustainability. The six project regions (Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia and Poland) have an enormous potential of previously unused biomass. This is to be tapped by the cooperation of eight project partners working together to establish bio- and circular economy in Central Europe. 

In this project, we want to jointly remove barriers to the development of a sustainable market for high quality bio-products in order to make better use of residual materials in the future. The focus is on unused by-products and waste products from primary production, agriculture and the food industry. Often, the lack of economic viability is a barrier to sustainable alternatives compared to established products. Or it is simply not known that a producer’s waste can be used as a raw material for another production process. This is where TeBiCE comes in: We want to bring together the right partners in the project regions so that new, high-quality products can be created and new value chains can be established from resources that were previously perceived as waste. Additionally, we will promote the development of new technologies to enhance the quality of bioeconomic processes. To make the cooperation efficient, bureaucratic hurdles will be removed and uniform quality standards for materials will be created. In this way, the participating regions will benefit not only from a more resource-efficient economy, but also from improved competitiveness in entrepreneurial and social terms.  

➡️ More Information: https://www.interreg-central.eu/projects/tebice/

Project details 

Name: TeBiCE – Territorial biorefineries for circular economy 

Funding programme: Interreg Central Europe 

Lead Partner: Venetian Agency for Innovation in the Primary Sector – Veneto Agricoltura (IT) 

Partner: Venetian Agency for Innovation in the Primary Sector – Veneto Agricoltura (IT), National Institute of Chemistry (SI), Fraunhofer Italia Research scarl – Innovation Engineering Center (IT), Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH (DE), University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (PL), Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship (PL), Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SK), Carinthia UAS – non-profit limited liability company (AT) 

Duration: 04/2023- 03/2026 

Budget: 2.052.855 € (1.642.284 € co-financed by the ERDF)