Cross Cluster – start-ups for fostering innovation

Last updated on: 11 Dec, 2019

Green Chemistry, sustainability and circular economy are more crucial topics than ever and innovative strength in these areas is one of the most important competencies of successful chemical companies. For years, Chemie-Cluster and Umweltcluster Bayern have maintained a constructive collaboration with many common areas of interest leading to a cross-cluster project in 2018.

In order to strengthen our cluster members’ competitiveness, new impulses and cooperation are necessary which can fully develop their potential in the cooperation with start-ups. Supporting start-ups from these areas is also an important step to accelerate developments in resource and energy efficiency as well as in bioeconomy efforts.

In a joint project, Umweltcluster and Chemie-Cluster integrated young companies in the cluster work. Competences for consultation and mediation of start-up collaborations were substantiated and stabilized. The project started in January 2018, initiated more than 10 approaches between start-ups and SMEs.

Even beyond this project, start-up cooperation has become an integral part of our cluster services. We support SMEs and start-ups to identify future-oriented innovations and suitable partners. At our annual start-up day, we bring together innovative companies from various sectors.

More information about the cross-cluster project 2018

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StMWi – Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy (Cross-Cluster), 2018