Last updated on: 22 Dec, 2019

In the project AlpLinkBioEco “Linking BioBased Industry Value Chains Across the Alpine Region”, 14 partners are working together on a strategy for a bio-based circular economy across regional borders for three years focusing primarily on the four sectors wood, agriculture, packaging and chemistry. This strategy will serve as a basis for a uniform policy and better framework conditions in the Alpine region. Furthermore, new cross-sectoral value chains will be identified and realised.

The consortium consists of clusters, universities, business associations, institutions and organisations from six European countries. Besides Chemie-Cluster Bayern, as the only Bavarian partner, the following actors are involved in the project: AT: Business Upper Austria; CH: Plastics Innovation Competence Center (lead partner); DE: Biopro BW, Cluster Agentur BW, Technologiezentrum Horb; IT: Pieve Tesino Alpine Studies Center, Confindustria Lombardia, Innovation Hub Trentino, Lombardy Green Chemistry Cluster; FR: France Clusters, Plastipolis; SVN: Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Poly4EMI.

The project is one of the flagship initiatives of Action Group 2 “Competitive and strategic value chain” of the European Strategy for the Macro Region Alps (EUSALP). The Alpine Space programme 2014-2020 is one of 16 programmes of the “European territorial cooperation” Interreg which promotes the cooperation between European regions. Common vision is the sustainable regional development in the Alpine region. The project has a total budget of two million euros and is funded with 1.73 million euros from the ERDF (Alpine Space).

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