Sihl GmbH


Together with more than 350 employees, we are a strong partner that provides innovative solutions in future oriented market. All thanks to our performance coatings. We are convinced, that innovation is the key for a sustainable future.
Therefore, while we are in a pioneering position in digital printing and labels, we are also venturing into new areas. Thanks to our comprehensive technology and market scouting we reveal new opportunities, e.g. intelligent building materials or
laminating of 3D printed objects. With our innovations, we enable persistent success for our customers.

Kreuzauer Strasse 33
52355 Düren
  • Digital Printing
  • Building materials
  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • Raw materials
  • New materials
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  • Innovation partnerships
  • Startups
  • Development projects
Cooperation offered
  • Toll coating
  • Toll development
  • support for Scale-ups
  • Co-innovations in general
Kreuzauer Strasse 33
52355 Düren