Rottal Hanf GmbH

Trade and processing of hemp


For Rottal Hanf, the focus is on 100% usage of the (industrial) hemp plant. Together with the producers, the farmers from the region, the components of the plant are utilised in a way that increases value creation. With innovative product developments, they enable recyclability in order to utilise the plant's potential in the best possible way. Their focus is on the material utilisation of the plant. The components of the plant can be used as a technical building material, semi-finished product for industry and for textile applications.  

The potential of hemp seeds, which are already being increasingly recognised, is attracting more and more attention as a healthy food in many different applications due to their high nutrient content and high bioavailability. 

Weidau 8
94140 Ering am Inn
  • Natural fibre supplier
  • Building materials
  • Food
  • Recycling
Cooperation requested
  • Partners who are looking for products or applications with natural fibres
Cooperation offered
  • Support as a developer and supplier of semi-finished products made from hemp
Weidau 8
94140 Ering am Inn