Rösler CeramInno GmbH

Toll Processing & Contract Manufacturing – Thermal Treatment of Bulks


Rösler CeramInno GmbH with 60 employees at the Schauberg site is a special service provider for the chemical and ceramic industry with the following main areas of activity:

  • Contract drying
  • Contract calcination
  • Contract sintering of components and bulk materials such as powders, tablets, catalysts, catalyst carriers etc. from room temperature to 1600°C in electrically and gas-fired kilns.
  • Test calcinations on a kg scale up to contract manufacturing with hundreds/thousands of tons per year are possible at any time.
  • Contract sieving of powders to 60µm
  • Contract blending in Lödige ploughshare mixers
  • Contract milling and contract spray drying using Dorst D 800 spray dryers with an evaporation capacity of 800 l/h, including filling into customers' own containers such as big bags or sacks.
  • Production and distribution of firing cassettes made of SIC, Al2O3 and cordierite according to individual customer requirements
  • Contract metallisation of ceramic components using the screen printing process and subsequent baking of the metallisation
  • Wet chemical pilot plant under construction for the development of recycling processes for the recovery of precious metals from spent catalytic converters and waste electrical equipment
  • Laboratory services such as specific surface area measurements (BET) and particle size measurements by laser diffraction
Langenauer Straße 2
96355 Schauberg
  • Chemistry
  • Ceramics
  • Recycling
Cooperation requested
  • Research & development in the fields of wet chemistry and recycling technologies
Cooperation offered
  • Wage calcination
  • Contract sintering
  • Contract spray drying
  • Recycling of precious metals and rare earths
  • Production of firing cassettes
  • Laser sintering of quartz glass filters
Langenauer Straße 2
96355 Schauberg