nanoSaar AG

Innovative production technology for the chemical industry

nanoSaar AG is a leading provider of tailored nanotechnology solutions that give competitive edge to a wide range of partners from the chemical industry.

  • highly homogeneous, superior product quality
  • continuous low-cost production process
  • quick, easy scale-up for industrial-sized chemical production
  • business opportunities with a range of licensing or joint venture models

Centerpiece: Our MJR® (MicroJet-Reactor)
Our patented MJR®-Technology enables chemical and physical syntheses for the continuous production of nano- and microparticles, emulsions and encapsulations.  MJR®-based products are precisely defined in size and superior in quality. The MJR®-Technology uses a continuous process in which nanoparticles and sub-μ-particles (< 1 μm) are produced from dissolved molecules by means of precipitation.

From Lab to Production Scale
Typical lab scale development dimensions lie below 200 ml/min. Through a fast mathematical upscaling method, the lab parameters can easily be transferred to large production volumes. Depending on the number of MJR®-heads used, the output is a multiple of 600 liters per hour.

Versatility - Bottom Up and Top Down
The MJR® technology can be used for bottom-up as well as for top-down approaches in liquid-liquid and liquid-solid systems.

Our Products
Barisol: Pigment stabilizing additive for paints and coatings
Concrete accelerator: Concrete additive for higher compression strengths
Metallic paint for decorative and conductive coatings: Nano-scale metal particle dispersion
Wax dispersion: Additives for a variety of protective and decorative coating applications
Non-conductive coating additive: Electrically isolated pigments for coatings
Fungicidal seed protection: Seed treatment dispersion

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Würmstraße 4
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