Kelheim Fibres GmbH


Kelheim Fibres GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of viscose speciality fibres that enable customer-specific solutions through a wide range of intrinsic fibre modifications such as modification of cross-sections, intrinsic functionalization (incorporation of functional additives) and dimensional adjustments (cut length, diameters). Innovative products, flexible technologies and an exceptional focus on sustainability are the foundation of the company’s success. The speciality fibres are used, among others, in the areas of clothing, hygiene or medical products, as well as nonwovens and speciality papers. All fibres are made from 100% wood pulp from PEFC and FSC® certified sources and are fully biodegradable. They thus offer an environmentally sound alternative to petroleum-based materials in a broad range of end products – while maintaining or even enhancing the functional performance of the end products. The production takes place exclusively in Germany and complies with the strict German environmental legislation. Our closed-loop philosophy and an energy-efficient way to operate our plants, help to save valuable resources. With a strong focus on open innovation, we see the exchange with partners along the value chain and beyond our own industry boundaries as an important approach to identify early trend and to provide the appropriate technological solutions. Kelheim Fibres is also the first viscose manufacturer worldwide with an EMAS-validated environmental management system.

Regensburger Straße 109
93309 Kelheim
  • clothing, hygiene or medical products
  • nonwovens and speciality papers
Cooperation requested
  • Processing technologies for viscose fibres (e.g. textile, nonwovens manufactures)
  • Manufacturers of auxiliary materials for textile finishing processess (dyes, coating agents)
  • alternative celluose / raw materials
  • Cooperations for innovative fibre functionalisation
Cooperation offered
  • Viscose fiber spinning (wet spinning process)
  • supply / development of functionalized viscose fabrics and textile (yarns)
  • laboratory trials with alternative cellulosic raw materials
  • trend or innovation workshops / exchange
Regensburger Straße 109
93309 Kelheim