DexLeChem GmbH


We develop smart high-tech solutions from the perspective of Green Chemistry providing manufacturers of fine chemicals with considerable competitive advantages. Our portfolio ranges from process opimization to the development of innovative routes of synthesis in homogeneous catalysis.

Product / Service

homogeneous and homegenous chiral catalysis, liquid-liquid separation, extraction, solvent exchange, IP research, metal free highly chemoselective nitro reduction

Founded out of the Cluster of Excellence UniCat (Unifying Concepts in Catalysis) DexLeChem GmbH develops smart high-tech solutions from the perspective of Green Chemistry, combining economic and ecologic advantages. The portfolio ranges from process optimization to the development of new routes of synthesis.

Thus, manufacturers of fine chemicals gain competitive advanatages in the center of their value chain.

The interdisciplinary team currently counts twelve employees and specializes in homegenous catalysis, technical chemistry, process engineerung and quantum physics. The company´s headquarter is located at the CoLaborator, Muellerstrasse 178, 13353 Berlin.

Müllerstraße 178
13353 Berlin
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  • Pharmaceutical Industry
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Müllerstraße 178
13353 Berlin