ISEF – International Sustainable Economy Forum

Date of the event: 27 - 28.06.2022, 9:00

Industrial Biotechnology Bayern Netzwerk GmbH and Chemie-Cluster Bayern are organizing the two-day attendance conference “International Sustainable Economy Forum” (ISEF) in Munich on June 27/28, 2022. The aim of the ISEF is to create a platform that enables the necessary exchange to jointly address a global challenge – the transformation of the economy from fossil to sustainable.

We invite all interested companies and academic institutes to participate in this unique event! Ticket sales for participants are expected to start in January 2022, but in addition, participation as a sponsor gives you the opportunity to actively shape the event! Read on to find out what makes the ISEF stand out, among other things:

  • Sponsors play a key role in shaping the agenda and the event as a whole: They can speak about a topic of their choice within the sustainable economy and/or secure an exhibition space. In particular, they can also decide on the type of presentation (lecture, discussion, workshop…) that best serves your purposes.
  • Sustainable approaches of the industry are presented in all their facets and features. This is ensured precisely by the fact that the sponsors (= our partners) from the most diverse sectors determine the content of the conference.
  • The event will not only focus on scientific and technical content, but will also have an eye on necessary policy changes: Based on the results of the ISEF, a political position paper will be prepared that will present the needs of companies for a sustainable economy to political stakeholders.

The exact objectives, possible focal points of the conference, the target groups and other key data of the ISEF can be found on the ISEF website. Since the conference is essentially designed by the sponsors, the agenda is still malleable.

We already have some well-known and strong sponsors and are in the process of recruiting more large and small companies as partners for the ISEF. We would be happy to call members of Chemie-Clusters Bayern our sponsors and partners as well. The various sponsorship opportunities can be found on the website or in the attached appendix. All elements can be put together individually.

For all questions please contact us at or by telephone under +49 89 74 120 374 or +49 89 74 120 370.