ECRN Project Council

Chemie-Cluster Bayern (Germany) is entrusted to chair the Project Council and provide management structures for the first two-year period 2014-2015 of it‘s operation.

Who we are

The European Chemical Regions Network (ECRN) covers 20 member regions throughout Europe, which demonstrate significant chemical value creation. The General Assembly of the ECRN has decided to create a “ECRN Project Council” in order to improve the capability of ECRN members to stimulate regional chemical value creation processes. The ECRN Project Council is a group of cluster networks and project development institutions from the ECRN member regions and beyond. Their intention is to set up a joint action plan, including measures to optimize the number and quality of projects among members regions, to accelerate technology transfer and business cooperation between companies and research institutions of participating regions and to elaborate measures to increase the number of contacts to potential partners from outside the EU.

Action fields of the Project Council cover the installation of a “project pipeline”, the joint organization of pilot projects, including project controlling and exchange of results. Furthermore, a productive workflow with important European stakeholders shall be developed. Members of the Project Council elaborate joint standards and interfaces of their “Smart Specialization Strategies” in order to achieve a higher number of B2B-cooperation, joint R&D projects and other joint activities of regional SME and research institutions. They also develop joint actions towards potential partners from outside the EU.

How to join us

Participants in the Project Council represent the project development institutions from the ECRN member regions, e.g. clusters, innovation networks, associations, research centers or other institutions. Participants from non-ECRN member regions can also apply to join the Council.

Contact for ECRN Project Council membership questions:


Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH
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