GreenSurvey Institut für Marktforschung Prof. Dr. Menrad GmbH


GreenSurvey offers market research services and differentiates itself from other companies by combining industry-specific expertise and a broad methodological competence in market research, combined with a sound scientific approach.

GreenSurvey directly addresses the specific needs of our customers from medium-sized and large companies as well as associations and contracting authorities.


Hedwig-Dietl-Str. 10
94315 Straubing


  • Environmental Technology
  • Energy Technology
  • Biotechnology

Cooperation requested

  • Promotion of Contacts

Cooperation offered

  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Sales Cooperation / Product Marketing
  • Project Work (methodically / specifically)
  • Consulting / Support (new) technologies
Hedwig-Dietl-Str. 10
94315 Straubing