Value Creation Partnership (Wertschöpfungs-Pakt Chemie)

The Value Creation Partnership of Chemie-Cluster Bayern

With their chemical materials and processes know-how, the 260 members of the Chemie-Cluster Bayern (The Chemistry Cluster of Bavaria) provide numerous opportunities to respond to current industrial issues. Particularly in the fields of mobility, consumer goods and heavy industry, many urgent technological requirements from system integrators could be addressed with chemical solutions. It is only the “gap” between chemical suppliers and industrial OEMs in the value creation chain which prevents the efficient development of such “hidden markets”.

In the “Value Creation Partnership – solving today’s problems”, chemical companies and universities volunteer as innovation partners for companies from other industries. Through the joint discussion of current issues, the Cluster’s members can take advantage of a service function for industrial user segments, especially for those who are not closely involved in chemical supply chains. The aim of this dialogue is to create added value through chemical product enhancements – as new opportunities are created for both chemical suppliers and industrial users.

The initiative

The label “Value Creation Partnership” first and foremost stands for a confidential, highly efficient, worldwide industrial network. Its partners are committed to a defined process in order to advance technology intensive cooperation on the basis of IP protection and strict market rules.

The High-Tech Gründerfonds supports the Value Creation Partnership of Chemie-Cluster Bayern through the participation of its portfolio enterprises.


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