Great Stone Industrial Park

Effective administrative structure

Park Management: ONE-STOP-SHOP

For all requests of the investors

  • registration of legal entities
  • approval procedures (licensing)
  • customs administration
  • and other queries

Development company of the industrial park

  • sale / rental of properties (with all necessary supplies such as gas, water, electricity, sewage, etc.)
  • signing agreements for electricity, water supply and sewage disposal
  • leasing of commercial areas
  • housing development


Policy 10+

0% profit tax for 10 years and reduced tax rate (half) until 2062

Property tax

0% for the duration of the undertaking

Property (real estate) tax

0% for the duration of the undertaking

Import turnover tax and customs duties

0% for goods that are required in the beginning of the project 0% for exports from the EAEU

Dividend tax

0% for 5 years from the day of earnings announcement

Income tax


Social security contributions

35% of nationwide (gross) average pay


Reimbursement from the budget

Best water tariff
Best water tariff <gr.>
Best electricity tariff
Best electricity tariff <gr.>
Best gas tariff
Best gas tariff <gr.>
Guarantee of the constant framework conditions for the economy
  • stability clause valid for 10 years on the inadmissibility of the downturn in framework conditions
  • visa free stay for 180 days upon request of the park administration
  • no audit (only with the consent of the park administration)
  • no foreign exchange controls
  • simplified regulations on the launch of construction objects (compared to the current applicable rules in Belarus)

Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH
Hansastraße 26
80686 München