Wood-based Bioeconomy

Chemistry meets Wood - in view of bioeconomy
Cooperation between the Chemie-Cluster Bayern and the Cluster Forst & Holz in Bavaria

Our society is currently facing a global challenge as fossil fuels are continuously diminishing while at the same time their use is negatively affecting the environment. Besides global warming due to excessive carbon dioxide levels the pollution of the environment through microplastics is being increasingly addressed. Therefore, a raw material shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies and resources is a major concern.

In order to address this topic and to develop new, innovative materials on the basis of bioeconomy, Chemie-Cluster Bayern and Cluster Forst& Holz are collaborating since 2017.

The raw material wood is currently the focus of this project as its composition of cellulose, lignin, tannins, resins, dyes and other aromatic compounds offers a variety of possible applications e.g. for fibres, fibre composites, basic chemicals and many more. In Bavaria, wood is considered a sustainably available, biogenic raw material and already constitutes the  largest pillar of the Bavarian bioeconomy with a high potential for further growth.



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