Within the framework of the Cross-Cluster Initiatives, the Chemie-Cluster Bayern creates platforms for its member enterprises to network with other industrial sectors with the goal of generating cross-cluster cooperation projects and partnerships.

Participation in the program “go-cluster“, the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy’s cluster-political excellence action for innovative clusters, supports the Chemie-Cluster’s aspiration to create synergies between clusters.

A few examples for cross-cluster activities of the Chemie-Cluster are listed below.

Environmental technology meets the chemical industry

With the Umweltcluster (Environment Cluster Bavaria), the Chemie-Cluster Bayern organized a gathering of member enterprises at the HPC AG in Harburg (Swabia) on 08. December 2016, in order to achieve a linkage between environmental technology and the chemical industry. Through technical presentations and speed networking, the perspectives of both sectors were clarified and thus mutual potentials could be developed to expand existing business fields.

"ChemAviationBrücke" – a bridge between chemistry and aviation

An initiative of the Chemie-Cluster Bayern and the Luftfahrtcluster Metropolregion Hamburg (Aviation Cluster Hamburg Metropolitan region; Hamburg Aviation)

Within the ”Cross-Clustering” Initiative Chemistry-Aviation, the Chemie-Cluster Bayern and the Hamburg Aviation developed a unique service offer, which makes it easier for the members to overcome the entry barriers for new technologies in aviation. The cooperation delivers valuable information in the certification and applications of chemistry in aviation for the members of the Chemie-Cluster Bayern. The members of the top cluster Hamburg Aviation obtain access to new technologies and partner contacts on the other end of the value creation chain. Lack of transparency and regulatory obstacles in the supply chain were revealed and solutions were pointed out. Both participating clusters receive funding for the project implementation from the “go-cluster” program of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.

In the work group “ChemAviationBrücke (ChemAviationBridge)”, specific innovative topics and product proposals were discussed so as to directly pass them on to the users from the aviation sector.

  • ”Aircraft design & aircraft production“,
  • ”cabine and cabine systems“ as well as
  • ”maintenance and repair“

The participants discussed about the specific application problems and technological needs of the aviation sector and exchange ideas and information on contacts, certifications, and procedures.

With the help of this Cross-Cluster Initiative, the cluster members could acquire extensive know-how in the field of aviation industry for future projects and thus make their way into a new complex customer or business segment.

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