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Chemie-Cluster Bayern: Bavaria’s innovation driver in Chemistry

In the network of the Chemie-Cluster Bayern, enterprises and research institutes of the Bavarian chemistry sector connect with each other. Within the framework of the Cluster-Offensive of the Bavarian State Government, the Chemie-Cluster Bayern promotes innovations of products and processes for new and international markets.

For this purpose, the Clustermanagement not only brings cross-sector networks together but also assists in fundraising, monitors project progress, and provides project-related transfer services.

With the Chemie-Cluster Bayern, the chemistry sector in Bavaria answers worldwide “Challenge Statements” from its most important costumers: in a community of large and small enterprises, universities, and Fraunhofer-Institutes, marketable solutions in the field of new materials, applications, and processes are developed.

In cooperation with Umweltcluster Bayern, we initiated a project to encourage  young businesses and start-ups  to become involved in the networks or to help them to get in contact with well-established enterprises.

The Chemie-Cluster Bayern thrives on a close cooperation with regional networks in Bavaria, which is supported and supervised by the Clustermanagement. Strategic alliances with international chemistry location in Europe, Asia, and the USA strengthen the global competitiveness of the Cluster-members. Regular events such as the annual networking day (Netzwerktag) or the series of workshops “Chemistry meets…” (“Chemie trifft…”) where the Cluster-members gain a deeper insight into the development processes of industrial key costumers also contribute to the fact that the chemical industry in Bavaria continues playing a leading role as an industrial efficiency promoter in Germany.


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