Member Services

A network thrives on its members!


The Chemie-Cluster Bayern provides its members with the access to a cross-sector, regional and international network with numerous cooperation partners. The members can participate in Cluster-Events featuring future-oriented topics and interesting presentations with a reduced fee. The Chemie-Cluster also hosts an annual networking day with the aim of encouraging casual and interdisciplinary exchange, experience sharing and networking. In addition, the members have the opportunity to see for themselves the strength of the Bavarian chemistry sector in business and sciences and to present their own companies.

Finally, we are always well informed about upcoming delegation trips thanks to our connection to the Chamber of Commerce and to the politics and will pass on detailed information to interested companies.

Further information about our services for members can be obtained via the following link:


Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH
Hansastraße 26
80686 München