Innovation Management

Innovations – the driving force for the future

The Chemie-Cluster Bayern knows who conducts research in which fields and where there are needs for innovations.

Chemistry faces a variety of challenges that are brought to it by other sectors, such as mechanical engineering, automobile, construction, energy, or environmental technologies. New and high-performance materials, processes and techniques from the chemical industry are constantly in high demand. The economy and almost all industry sectors depends on the innovations of chemistry.

Energy supply is one of the most important issues that people will work on in the next few years, whether it be battery optimization for electromobility, the efficient use of renewable energies, or the improvement in industrial energy efficiency. In relation to the use of renewable resources, “green chemistry” can improve the utilization of bio-resources as foods, construction or packaging materials and for energy generation. The chemical industry will also contribute to the development of innovative building materials, lighter, more stable, and intelligent materials as well as functional surfaces for numerous industrial applications.

Challenges can only be overcome through intensive research and development together with e.g. universities, Fraunhofer-institutes and companies in the Chemie-Cluster, which act as the drivers of innovation in various fields.

The Chemie-Cluster Bayern supports its members in search of innovation ideas and their realization. We take care of the quest of suitable research partners and funding opportunities.

Presentation of latest trends and networking with innovative start-ups

In the framework of our series of events “Chemistry meets Start-ups,” we organize regular meeting between innovative start-ups and our members in order to generate joint projects, cooperation or funding opportunities, and in turn create added value for Start-ups and our members. In doing so, new technologies can be developed and applied in the business faster and more efficiently. In addition, we broaden the horizon of our members and show which development trend will be present in the future through innovative ideas. Thus, the Chemie-Cluster Bayern provides new stimuli for the chemical industry and ensures strong innovativeness.

Individual start-up scouting

In addition to our event “Chemistry meets Start-ups,” we also provide the companies with individual start-up scouting. This service involves the discussion about new technologies and innovations for your company including a concrete requirement analysis. Through its large network of start-ups and expertise, the Chemie-Cluster Bayern can find suitable young businesses or technologies for you. In a final workshop, the search results will be presented and concrete forms and models of the cooperation or implementation will be evaluated.


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