R&D-Sponsorship Projects

Project funding

Research and development are an essential part for the chemical industry and the network between industry and universities plays an important role here. With this regard, numerous public funding opportunities from federal, country, and EU programs are available, in particular for small and middle-sized companies. The Chemie-Cluster Bayern offers supports in the application for research and development projects via:

  • Search for suitable funding pools
  • Consultation in project design and structuring
  • Mediation of regional and worldwide research, cooperation, or application partners
  • Administrative and content-related support for the application and communication with project managers and partners

The confidential handling of all project information and the safeguarding of the rights of project initiators are guaranteed with the corresponding cooperation agreements.

Concrete procedure

As the first step we would be pleased to visit you and discuss your project in order to identify appropriate subsidies and suitable project partners in an effective and targeted manner.

The application will proceed – if requested – with the participation and coordination of the Chemie-Cluster Bayern. The professional and technical direction of the project rests with your company, while the organizational support and the processing of required documents can be outsourced to the Chemie-Cluster Bayern.

To arrange an individual consultation, please feel free to get in touch with us by telephone or send us

  • a brief description of your project
  • a rough assessment of the project duration, costs and cost categories (personnel, material, …)
  • if applicable, information about your partners and/or the need to find partners.
The Chemie-Cluster Bayern as a project partner in R&D and innovation projects

The Chemie-Cluster Bayern will also be glad to be your project partner in the fields of innovation management and market development. As a project partner, we will take care of the project management and all other relevant tasks involved with the project as well as the dissemination and exploitation of the results.

A selection of the ongoing or completed projects of Chemie-Cluster Bayern is available via the following link:

We support you to kick off your sponsorship project!

If you are interested, please contact:

Dr. Elisabeth Rieger
Head of Project Development & Funding Advice
Phone:     +49 89 – 189 4168 35
E-Mail:     rieger@chemiecluster-bayern.de