The Chemie-Cluster Bayern is a market-oriented R&D-network of enterprises, research institutes, and political institutions, which significantly contribute to value creation of the Bavarian chemical industry. The Cluster is an interdisciplinary catalysis for innovations, which delivers sustainable benefits to the chemistry sector, business, and the economy in Bavaria through R&D cooperation with companies or Start-ups.

Representing a reliable, renowned, and important supplier for almost all business fields with strong innovativeness, the Chemie-Cluster Bayern includes explicitly cross-sector industrial and research projects in its project portfolio: Through the emphasis on Chemistry’s essential role as an innovation driver, added value is created for its Cluster-members. With regards to chemical research in Bavaria, the Chemie-Cluster Bayern operates as a generic research network with a clear application orientation and market potential.

The goal of the Clustermanagement is the profit-orientated balancing of existing knowledge and the acceleration and increase of its marketability: Through R&D projects with industrial companies and local authorities, new regional markets are created and the corresponding market analyses are performed in collaboration with the Cluster-members.

The Chemie-Cluster provides concrete advice and consulting services in a variety of areas, such as REACH-consultation, IT-security, adult education, and market development/internationalization. Optimal and customized solutions can be found through the long-standing cooperation with renowned partners.

With over 10 years expertise, the Chemie-Cluster have diverse contacts from Bavaria and far beyond, inclusive of organizations for business development worldwide, the Bavarian foreign representatives, Chambers of Commerce and Foreign Trade, and also political points of contact in various countries.



Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH
Hansastraße 26
80686 München