17. April 2015

RNLI Lifeboat Decommissioning Challenge in partnership with LoToNo

What would you do with 86 search-and-rescue lifeboats, including 172 high-powered engines, 86 radar systems, 954 tonnes of composite materials and 43 tonnes of plastic?

Over the next 10 years, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in the UK will decommission three different classes of lifeboat. The potential to recover, reuse, recycle and reimagine these lifeboats and their components is huge.

This is a call to experts and specialists to submit commercial solutions and innovative proposals for lifeboat decommissioning, including hard-to-dispose-of materials like composites.

Working with LoToNo, we’re inviting engineers, technologists, researchers, designers and waste specialists from across Europe to work on this challenge. This could be the start of a commercial relationship for you with the RNLI, and might offer business solutions for other industry sectors.

Register your interest here: here.

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