University Ulm

University Ulm

Institute of Micro-and nanomaterials

The Institute’s activities include the development of high-performance materials (amorphous metallisations, diffusion barriers) for use in sensors, Microsystems technology and semiconductor technology. These materials can be used for micro-system components and microsystems in extreme ambient and operating conditions. The research of highly temperature contacts between metals and semiconductors with large bandgap makes an important contribution to the further development of the Assembly and joining technology. The high temperature resistance and the compatibility of the corresponding materials are a necessary prerequisite for the development of sensors and micro-electronic components that fulfil their function up to temperatures of 1000 °c.

The further development of modeling and simulation methods in the field of thermal mechanics is also the subject of research. This allows the life-time of Microsystems to be optimised in the design phase depending on the materials used.


Institut für Mikro- und Nanomaterialien
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