Pragmatec GmbH

Pragmatec GmbH

Research -> Development -> Product -> Market

Pragmatec GmbH was founded in Vienna in 2013 as a technology company. The main goal of the company was to develop and market the most practical, innovative solutions or products, especially within the scope of own research and development. Particular focus was placed on power electronics, alternative energy and environmental technology.

Likewise, carefully selected collaborations and, where strategically meaningful and promising, participations should be realized on the basis of excellent networking in relevant areas.

The Pragmatec team is made up of experienced professionals from science and industry.

After a 3-year phase of intensive research, development and market research, Pragmatec began in 2016 with the concrete implementation of valuable know-how and is now in the final phase of several prototype developments and corresponding patent applications.

At the same time, in August 2017, the already successful cooperation with one of Poland’s leading environmental technology companies was further consolidated as part of a joint venture in Vienna. The range of services offered by the new joint venture, Pragmatec & Pyro-Kat Environmental Technologies GmbH, has enormous market potential.



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