GWP - Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH, Zorneding-München

GWP - Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH, Zorneding-München

Damage analyse - development support - laboratory services Organisation: Analytics, Technical Services
Produkte: Materials: materialography, testing of materials, quality assurance and damage analysis Surfaces: Analytics, evaluation and procedure Catalysis: Development, selection, analysis and optimization Gases: Airbag gas analysis, gas processes, filtration Building materials: Examination and analysis, damage analysis, appraisal and more.

The innovative high-tech testing laboratory GWP tests and analyzes metals, plastics and surfaces.

Over 1,000 national and international customers from small to medium-sized and large-scale enterprises – predominantly from the automotive, aviation, medical technology, mechanical engineering and electro-technology industries – profit from the unique combination of damage analysis, development and laboratory services from the independent GWP laboratories for metallography, microscopy, testing of materials, chemistry and catalysis and workshops for mechanics and electronics.

GWP provides over 800 laboratory services – 100 thereof in-house – as well as a material and procedural know-how based on over 10,000 assignments. In our effective reports and appraisals proven experts evaluate the results, clarify damage causes and submit development solutions for your often complex technical questions. With the help of a syndisciplinary network, GWP also solves unusual and complicated issues, such as product recalls. You receive individual one-stop solutions. The proven GWP quality is confirmed by the accreditation and certification according to DIN ISO EN17025.


  • Cooperation laboratory with Allianz AZT Risk & Technology GmbH
  • Süd-Chemie AG

GWP – Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH, Zorneding-München
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